Conservation Buyer Program

The Methow Conservancy is looking for conservation buyers interested in purchasing high-priority conservation properties in the Methow Valley!

These buyers are critical to the ongoing stewardship of properties that are protected by a conservation easement.

Or, these buyers can work with the Conservancy to place a conservation easement on properties with high quality habitat, significant river frontage, connection to existing protected areas, or productive agricultural soils that are at risk of subdivision and degradation.

Join our wonderful community of conservation heroes!!

If you would like to learn more about what is currently for sale, the potential tax advantage of donating a conservation easement, or if you would like to sell to a conservation buyer, please contact us at 509-996-2870 or

Although our staff is available to help a conservation buyer find that special property in the Methow, we are not realtors. Therefore, we accept no fees or commissions for our work and instead seek to work in partnership with members of our local real estate community in matching worthy properties with conservation-minded buyers.

Existing conservation easement properties that are for sale


Hungry Mountain Ranch
Located on McFarland Creek in the lower Methow Valley this property provides:

  • Agricultural fields, shrub-steppe, conifer forest and savannah, and McFarland Creek with associated riparian habitat
  • Vast open space with highly scenic views
  • Wildfire-burned land that is recovering well with abundant flowers, lush native grass and resilient trees
  • Important habitat for many mammal, bird, and reptile species, from migrating songbirds and raptors, to gray squirrels, cougar, bear and mule deer

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Mazama Meadows Conservation Easement
Located in the heart of Mazama, the property provides:

  • An innovative conservation development of ½ acre lots located on 33 acres along the Methow River and close to ski trails.
  • Important open space and scenic views that protect the rural feel of the upper valley and Mazama.
  • Meadows, conifer woodlands, and riparian habitat that offer wildlife habitat and scenic views.

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Konrad Conservation Easement
Located just north of Twisp on the East County Road, this property offers:

  • Nearly a mile of Methow River frontage
  • Mature riparian and floodplain habitat with cottonwoods, aspens, pines and other native plants
  • Open fields for grazing, agricultural or scenic use
  • Beautiful views of the valley and surrounding peaks.
  • Important habitat for endangered steelhead trout, spring Chinook salmon, and threatened bull trout, as well as bald eagles, migrating sandhill cranes, songbirds, mule deer, and occasional cougar and black bear. 
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Mo-Glo Conservation Easement
Located on Twisp River Road close to Twisp, this property provides:MoGlo Baseline

  • A .5 acre homesite with a home, plus an additional 11.5 acres cooperatively-owned and shared as a protected conservation easement.
  • Intact riparian habitat and 690 feet of the Twisp River shoreline, plus a shrub-steppe slope and nearly 5 acres of agricultural land.
  • Vast open space with highly scenic views of the Twisp River drainage and surrounding mountains.
  • Important habitat for many mammal, bird, and amphibian species, from migrating songbirds, ducks and raptors, to cougar, bear and mule deer.
  • Two other homes and residents share the land and conservation easement.

Click here for more information.  For sale by owners, Lexi Koch & Chris Doreé.  Email them here.



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