“The Methow Out My Window” Art Project

A Unique Way to Show Your Love for the Methow Valley.

This beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime book, is available at our office. You can order yours today!  Simply email info@methowconservancy.org or call 509-996-2870.  Stop by the office and see a copy…it’s amazing!

A few years ago, during a series of community gatherings in the Methow Valley, we asked people to describe their favorite place in this spectacular landscape.  We thought we would hear about iconic locations:  Patterson Mountain, Pipestone Canyon, Goat Peak, Gold Creek, Twisp Pass, Big Valley Ranch. 

Instead, the answer we heard time and time again was: “the view out my window.”  A place this breathtaking is beautiful from every vantage and it is most beautiful when it feels like home. 

And so, the Methow Out My Window Book project was born. In the fall of 2013, we invited local Methow Valley artists to submit block prints and photographs based on their interpretation of the “Methow Out My Window.” As we viewed the art, we realized it told a whole story about what it is we are trying to protect here in the Methow Valley.

Working with the master bookmakers at Mighty Tieton in the Yakima Basin and Twisp’s Door No. 3, we handcrafted 250 limited edition copies of the Methow Out My Window Book, featuring 11 original linoleum block prints, 10 printed and hand-placed photographs, and Linda M. Robertson’s poems Letters to Julia, 1898-1899. The Methow Valley, Washington that tell the story of a young homesteader making her way in the Methow Valley. 

We invite you to purchase a copy for $250, with the proceeds supporting our efforts to inspire people to care for the land.  To order, simply email info@methowconservancy.org or call us at 509-996-2870.

 “This is a piece of art in book form, rather than a book with art,” notes Associate Director Sarah Brooks who worked with Board Member Richard Hart and the Twisp printmaking studio of Door No. 3 (Robin Doggett and Laura Gunnip) on the concept and creation of the book.  Eleven linoleum block prints are printed directly into the book via a letterpress and the photographs are digitally printed and “tipped” in as well.  Each page is literally handmade and the book will come in a handmade box.  “This is bound to be a real collector’s item,” says Sarah.

The book contains original linoleum block prints from:  Tania Gonzalez-Ortega, Patty Yates, Ginger Reddington, Caryl Campbell, Mary Lou McCollum, Suzanneh Rowntree, Erik Brooks, Bruce Morrison, Robin Doggett, Laura Gunnip, and Tori Karpenko.  Photography by Mary Kiesau, Dennis O’Callaghan, Aristides Pappidas, Teri J. Pieper, and E. A. Weymuller is also featured. 

Per IRS regulations, we need to let you know that the fair market value of each book is $250, so there is no charitable tax deduction for the purchase of the book.  However, all of the net proceeds support our conservation work and will be put to use on the ground in the Methow Valley! 

Photo by Mary Kiesau Photo by Mary Kiesau
Photo by Mary Kiesau Photo by Mary Kiesau Photo by Mary Kiesau


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