Susie Stephens
Scott Stluka
Scott Stluka (Ieft) receiving his award from Daniel Senner.

Methow Conservancy’s Annual Conservation Awards

Each year we present several awards to recognize the work of dedicated volunteers for conservation in the valley.

Susie Stephens Award - For those who carry on Susie’s endless energy for helping others and her strong belief that education about conservation can make a difference. 

    Background: Susie served with an open heart and a joyful smile as the Development Director at the Methow Conservancy until a tragic accident took her life in 2002. Susie’s enthusiasm for life and for reaching out to people to inspire conservation are legacies that continue in our work.
    Criteria for Award Nominees:  Individuals who have provided outstanding volunteer service to the Methow Conservancy’s efforts.

    Current & Past Winners:
    • 2018 - Scott Stluka
    • 2017 - Rachelle Weymuller & Val Stouffer
    • 2016 - Wendy Sims
    • 2015 - Kirsten Cook
    • 2014 - Jan Sodt
    • 2013 - Deb Dahrling & Rose O'Donnell
    • 2012 - Becky & Aaron Studen of the Twisp River Pub
    • 2011 - Sue Roberts
    • 2010 - Chris Hartwig
    • 2009 - Carole and Brian Reid
    • 2008 - Laurelle Walsh
    • 2007 - Dotti and Bob Wilson
    • 2006 - Joyce Bergen
    • 2005 - Suzanne Follis


    2018 Award Winner – Scott Stluka 
    Davis Lake area resident Scott Stluka was presented with the Susie Stephens Award for his exceptional volunteer service over the past three years.  This award has been given annually for 13 years in memory of Susie Stephens who served as the Methow Conservancy’s Development Director in the early 2000s.  Scott has donated literally hundreds (and probably thousands) of hours to restoration work, trail maintenance, barbed wire removal, and any other hard physical labor on conserved lands to help ensure they are healthier than when he found them.  His never-say-no approach to volunteering inspires others to sweat on behalf of a place they love.  


Ken White

Ken White Award - For those who carry on Ken White’s love for the Methow Valley.

    Background:  Known by many as the Methow’s Naturalist, Ken was a self-taught conservationist who shared his deep passion for appreciating this beautiful valley with all who were interested.

    Criteria for Award Nominees:  Individuals or organizations with a long-standing history of inspiring conservation efforts in the Methow Valley.  These efforts may be in conjunction with the work of the Methow Conservancy or as separate projects. 

    Current & Past Winners:
    • 2018 - Tina and Eliot Scull
    • 2017 - Dawn Woodruff
    • 2016 - Maggie Coon
    • 2015 - Classroom in Bloom
    • 2014 - Rob Crandall
    • 2013 - Jane Gilbertsen
    • 2012 - Vicky Welch and John Hayes
    • 2011 - Denny O'Callaghan
    • Sculls
      Tina and Eliot Scull, our 2018 Ken White
      award winner
      2010 - Kent Woodruff
    • 2009 - Roxie and Carl Miller
    • 2008 - Dave Sabold
    • 2007 - Katharine Bill
    • 2006 - Ron Judd
    • 2005 - John Sunderland

    2018 Award Winners – Tina and Eliot Scull 
    This award recognizes individuals or organizations with a long-standing history of inspiring conservation efforts in the Methow Valley. Ken White, long- known as the Methow’s naturalist shared his deep passion for appreciating this special Valley with anyone interested. We are pleased to recognize Tina and Eliot Scull for their life-long commitment to conservation in North Central Washington.  Active with the Methow Conservancy, the Chelan Douglas Land Trust, the Wenatchee Foothills Project, and integral to the success of Pearrgyin Lake State Park, Tina and Eliot have always chosen to get involved and do what’s right for the land.  This past year, they established the Tina Scull Conservation and Stewardship Opportunity Fund for the Methow Conservancy, thereby enabling the Methow Conservancy to conserve and protect the Heckendorn property just outside of Winthrop.  Methow Conservancy Associate Director Sarah Brooks notes, “Tina and Eliot have already inspired others to think about living their conservation legacy, rather than leaving one in their estate.  Their gift gave us a chance to make a real community win possible and they have had the joy of getting to be here to see it all unfold. They have truly set the bar for what it means to be community visionaries.”   

Hannah Dewey (with Finley),
is our 2018 You Inspire Us award winner.

You Inspire Us Award

    Background: The award title is a play on the Methow Conservancy’s mission statement to inspire people to care for the land.  Award winners are recognized for reminding the organization about what it means to inspire others to care for the land.  We first awarded this in 2014.

    Current & Past Winners:
    • 2018 - Hannah Dewey
    • 2017 - Kelli and Neil Rotstan
    • 2016 - Fernne Rosenblatt
    • 2015 - Carlene Anders
    • 2014 - Steve Taylor

    2018 Award Winner – Hannah Dewey 
    Hannah Dewey, the Outreach Coordinator and Community Organizer for the Methow Headwaters Campaign earned the You Inspire Us Award for her powerful, strategic, and collaborative work in building a critical mass of diverse support for this homegrown effort to make the upper Methow Headwaters off-limits to industrial-scale mining.  Methow Conservancy Executive Director Jason Paulsen notes, “From day one, Hannah recognized the importance of building a big tent of diverse people who see that the Methow Valley headwaters are too special to mine.  She’s always paying attention to every detail and she has a truly graceful way of bringing diverse people together around their love for this valley.  She reminds us what it means to build a powerful movement.”  The Methow Conservancy initiated the You Inspire Us Award in 2014 to recognize people or organizations who have been inspirational to the staff and Board of the organization, and who have, through their good work, inspired action and positive change in the whole community. 

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